French Quarter Guide

This guide features information on what it is like to visit or live in the French Quarter.

The French Quarter or the Vieux Carré, meaning “Old Square” in French, is known as the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. In 1718, when the city of New Orleans was founded, the French Quarter was regarded as the center of the city. As one of the star attractions in the city, it boasts of its fine mixture of cultural influences, history, music, architecture as well as its celebrations that define the city.

Life in the French Quarter

The Quarter, as it is also sometimes referred to, is a National Historic Landmark as a whole. It is widely known for its raucous nightlife and its timelessness. It is a place of intricate details, beautiful buildings and cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy close proximity to the river. Residents of the French Quarter find that the walkable neighborhood filled with world-class restaurants and a vibrant and lively street life is what makes it home. All these are enough to entice anyone to live in the French Quarter to experience days full of life and culture just around the community.

If you are one of the artistic souls who long for coffee-scented air, romantic scenes of overhanging balconies and secret gardens just right around the corner, you will find that living in the French Quarter is just for you.

The French Quarter is known to be one of the best places to live in. The French Quarter is the ideal haven for different kinds of people. If you are a writer, artist, performer or simply a person full of soul and love for culture, living in French Quarter will be a dream turned to reality for you.

Famous Streets

Residents of the French Quarter find both simplicity and extravagance in the life and culture that you, too, can experience. Below are some of the most famous streets where people find their perfect homes right in the French Quarter.

Bourbon Street

Most of the residents of Bourbon Street enjoy different hotspots within close proximity to their apartments and houses. It is now known for its risqué establishments which make it an infamous location to visit.

Jackson Square

Considered as the heart of the French Quarter, this park is surrounded by great shops, museums, artists as well as the St. Louis Cathedral. Living near the Jackson Square will also give you the luxury of a splendid view of the Mississippi River just across from the Jackson Square.