French Quarter Rentals

Rental homes are ideal for individuals or families, whether they are staying for a vacation or looking for a long-term residence in the French Quarter.

The French Quarter, or as it is sometimes called the Quarter, is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. It is widely known for its vibrant street life and its great mixture of culture, art and history. Much of these are what attracts tourists to visit this great cultural place. To attest to how rich and lively the culture in this place is, it was regarded as a National Historic Landmark.
It does not only appeal to visitors and tourists who only stay for a short period of time; it also appeals to those who are looking for long-term residence. The French Quarter is very famous for being a haven for artists, musicians, performers, writers and people who want a taste of romance and soul.

If you are planning on living in this great place, French Quarter rentals may be just for you.

French Quarter Real Estate

In the French Quarter, real estate comes in fascinating forms and striking architecture. Here, old and new are blended together to form a unique, eclectic and charming neighborhood in New Orleans. There are many kinds of real estate in the French Quarter and now, more than ever, it is just within the reach of an average homeowner.

Here are a few of the types of real estates and architectural wonders that you can see, buy and rent in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Creole Cottages and Townhouses

These kinds of houses were built way back between the late 1780s and the 1800s. Although the cottages are somewhat small, they are quaint and hold their own charm. These are usually single storey houses with steeped roofs and front porches. Most townhouses are similar except that they rise to two or more storeys. Balconies are usually common on second or third floors of townhouses.

Double Gallery House

The first double gallery house was built around 1820. You can distinguish double gallery houses from other houses because of its striking fa├žade which features 2 levels of columns that create galleries that are located in front. These columns add a dramatic effect to the overall look of the house.

Shotgun House

Shotgun houses are considered the most charming and most unique homes that you can rent in New Orleans. These single-floor, narrow-framed houses make them seem quaint and small from the front. However, they are spacious and offer just the right size for small families. They are also usually characterized by small porches with a roof extending over it that is held up by two columns.


These villas are distinguished by its height as it is usually raised up to 8 feet above the ground. It is typically supported by bricks and is also characterized by columns.